When getting started is critical.

For first responders such as paramedics, police and firefighters, having a dependable engine start battery can save lives. NorthStar First Responder Batteries deliver more starting power and increased reserve capacity to power all on-board electronics.

NorthStar batteries are designed to deliver superior performance, while exceeding conventional battery life expectancies, reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Don’t take any risks by using conventional batteries – if you need to start first time, every time, you need a NorthStar battery.

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"We have officers requesting what they are calling 'the bullet proof battery' for their own vehicles."

Don Moore
Fleet Manager, Largo Florida


"In March 2012, I started looking for a battery that would meet the high demands of our police force, and in the end we chose NorthStar. Their pure lead AGM batteries have been able to handle the high amperage of our alternators and the heavy loads of our cars each day, outperforming every other battery we have tried.

We've had NorthStar batteries for three years now without incident or complaint, in fact we have officers requesting what they are calling 'the bullet proof battery' for their own vehicles." 

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