Who is NorthStar?

NorthStar is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and deploying an innovative range of batteries and power solutions.

The company was established in 2000 by a group of experts in the lead-acid battery industry, who together hold more than 100 years of experience. NorthStar products are so reliable and cost-effective they are used in more than 150 countries.

NorthStar employs over 500 people worldwide, with major operations in the USA and China. NorthStar also has global distribution and service centers, which include Indonesia, Dubai, and Singapore.

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Our Mission

To deliver reliable and sustainable power to the world.

Our Vision

We will build on our strong product leadership, customer engagement and operational experience.

What we offer

Product leadership

- Unique products and services
- State-of-the-art features
- Innovative solutions 

Customer engagement

- Quality relationships with customers
- Tailor-made solutions 

Operational experience

- High quality standard
- Availability and delivery precision
- Environmental responsibility

Our core values


We share information – facts and opinions – to create a common vision and proactively find solutions.

We make sure that all stakeholders receive information that is necessary and consistent, which builds confidence in every aspect.

When we are not sure, we ask for help or advice.


Team spirit

Our collective knowledge, experience, and commitment enables us to exceed customer expectations and achieve our goals.

We always understand, respect, and embrace the input of other stakeholders, and value their effort and knowledge.

Together we are stronger.


Our quality, flexibility, and expertise sets us apart from the competition.

We have the ability to turn adversity and challenges into strengths.

We are committed, involved, and able to deliver.


Sustainability is a fundamental cornerstone of our vision and an integral part of our corporate governance and workplace practices. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact and continue to develop sustainable practices for our business, our customers and our community. To ensure we continuously improve, we have developed a framework to track and report on our sustainability performance.