Derek West Takes 1st Place at Rally in the Valley and Madness in May

Off road racing champ Derek West took a detour from the Ultra 4 series to notch up wins at Rally in the Valley and Madness in May in Arizona. Derek is always looking for opportunities to improve his race vehicle with some “real world” testing, and these events were a great opportunity. 


Rally in the Valley is comprised of 3 stages of short course courses through the woods. Derek left the competition in his dust, winning by a big margin. “We had a great time at the Rally in the Valley event and were glad to get our new Trail Worthy Fab Hero case in and get some time on it,” says Derek.


Madness in May is comprised of 2 woods courses, a hill-climb race, and an obstacle course. Derek won every course and was awarded the overall win. The current points for the Ultra 4 series were announced, with Derek now in 3rd place, within striking distance of 1st place. We wish him the best!


Check out this video of Derek talking about why he uses a NorthStar Battery.

West Marine Selects NorthStar Battery as Top Pick of 2014

West Marine, the largest specialty Waterlife Outfitter of quality marine grade products, apparel, footwear and accessories, named NorthStar Thin Plate Pure Lead AGM Batteries as one of its Top Picks for 2014. 


“NorthStar Pure Lead Modular 8D Battery offers the best performance and is the highest capacity 8D available in the marketplace,” said West Marine’s Executive Vice President of Merchandise, Ron Japinga. “The modular design makes installation much easier and replacement costs lower." 


Ron says no other battery manufacturer has so cleverly engineered an 8D battery that has both the user and installer in mind. NorthStar's Thin Plate Pure Lead manufacturing technology allows for superior cranking and reserve capacity, higher density for more cold cranking amps, plus four times the cycle of flooded lead-acid batteries. Pure lead technology also prevents the plates from sulfating; the number one cause of battery failure. 


Arriving in West Marine stores this March, visitors can learn more on the web at westmarine.com.

Meet us at the TMC Transportation Technology Exhibition 

From March 10-12 the NorthStar Engine Start team will be in booth 1850 at the TMC Exhibition. This year the show will be held at Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee. We'll be showing off our heavy duty AGM batteries such as the 8D and 31.


The TMC Exhibition is the place to be for all truckies and and logistics companies that want the best new products and services for their fleet. It's more than just an exhibition, with meetings, workshops, educational sessions and awards. See you there!

NorthStar Battery and CTEK Chargers Win Big at Daytona

Cameron Lawrence has finished off the 2013 Trans Am 2 series in style, driving his red Miller Racing car - powered by NorthStar Battery - to a win at Daytona, in a race that was also sponsored by NorthStar Battery and CTEK Chargers. Cameron was already named 2013 TA2 Champion back in round 8 of the series, and his performance today showed just how much he deserved the title.

“2013 has been just amazing,” said Lawrence. “We’ve had such a great year. I don’t know if it can get any better than this. It was just a flawless year. Being around Mr. Miller (Mike Miller, owner of Miller Racing) and Pete Halsmer, it’s been incredible to learn from them. My knowledge now, compared to the beginning of the year, is completely different. I’ve had great people working with me every step of the way.” 

Lawrence started on pole, led every lap, and turning in the TA2 record lap time on the course, a 1:54.572, never relenting in his pursuit of another Trans Am victory, also in his home state, in front of friends, family and fans. The TA2 class is one of the most rapidly growing class in road racing, and Lawrence will be back to defend his title next year.

NorthStar Battery DIN Series Coming Soon

NorthStar Battery will soon release its new DIN Series of ultra high performance batteries for modern vehicles. The new batteries will fit the international DIN footprint size, which companies such as GM and Chrysler use for all new models.


“We are excited to be building for the future with our new line of batteries,” says John Semeniuk, Vice President SLI, NorthStar Battery. “We have matched NorthStar power in a footprint that is part of the new vehicle market, so our customers can provide our Pure Lead AGM technology to an ever increasing market.”

NorthStar Batteries are ideal for vehicles that use the Start/Stop system, which comes standard for many modern vehicles and can quickly reduce battery life. NorthStar’s pure lead thin plate AGM technology outperforms the competition and keeps you moving. With the launch of the DIN Series, NorthStar can now provide a perfect fit OEM solution to over 150 million vehicles, covering automotive, marine, RV, heavy duty, first responder and enthusiast markets.

NorthStar and CTEK Release High Performance Battery Chargers

NorthStar Battery has partnered with Swedish company CTEK to release a line of high performance 12V battery chargers. NorthStar Battery Chargers by C-TEK are multi-step, fully automatic primary switch mode chargers for batteries that can support fast charging. With these chargers, you can recharge a discharged NorthStar battery in 3 hours or less.

“We are very excited with this new strategic partnerships and what it means to our customers,” says John Semeniuk, Vice President SLI, NorthStar Battery. “It will mean they can benefit from the longest life possible for NorthStar batteries, as proper charging can double the life of a battery.”

Unlike traditional battery chargers, CTEK chargers are designed with a focus on simplicity, safety and flexibility. The new chargers are weather resistant, with unique Supply and Recond modes, and a patented desulfation function. CTEK has sold over 4 million battery chargers in 60 countries around the world, and has won more than 15 independent battery charger tests since 2005.


To find out more, download the datasheets here. 

STIHL and NorthStar Battery win Super Boat National Champs

NorthStar Battery has helped the STIHL race team become the Super Boat National Champions.The STIHL team has been using the NSB AGM 24M battery all season, and are very happy with its performance and durability. The batteries were supplied to the STIHL team by Dave DeLezenne, who runs Unique Custom Marine Ultra One Batteries and is an approved NorthStar distributor.

“I knew I needed to have a raceboat run the batteries to prove how well they work,” says DeLezenne. “Everything about these batteries is perfect for performance boats—they can handle the abuse, they’re low maintenance and they offer superior cold-cranking amps. By putting them in a raceboat I knew they would endure the harshest environment possible. And there’s a reason I turned to the STIHL team, they’re world champions and everything they do is professional.”


The STIHL team is owned by Robert “JR” Noble, who drives the 38-foot STIHL Powerboat catamaran alongside throttleman Grant Bruggemann. With the national championship under their belt, the team now have their sights on the internation championship,which will be held later this year in Key West, also in Florida. Good luck guys!

NorthStar Wins Environmental Award

The Missouri Water Environment Association presented NorthStar Battery with the Gold Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Compliance Award at MWEA's Annual meeting held March 24-27, 2013. Gold Award winners must be in complete compliance with all wastewater discharge and reporting requirements, must have an industrial wastewater treatment process or pollution prevention program, and must have a history of good relations with the nominating city or sewer district. 


The Missouri Water Environmental Award Association is dedicated to preserving, protecting, and improving the quality of Missouri's water environment. The Association advance’s the science of water quality, educates, disseminates technical information, increases public understanding and promotes sound environmental policy. MWEA represents a diverse membership of water environment professionals from the public and private sectors.

NorthStar will be at SEMA 2013

The NorthStar will have a booth at the famous SEMA Show, held in Las Vegas 3-5 November. The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. It draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place. In addition, the SEMA Show provides attendees with educational seminars, product demonstrations, special events, networking opportunities and more. We'll post more details closer to the show. See you in Vegas!

NorthStar onboard for 500mph attempt

The world’s fastest automobile, The Turbinator, which currently holds the land speed record at 470 mph, will soon attempt to break the 500 mph barrier. But to do it they will need some serious battery power - that's where NorthStar Battery come in.


Our NSB AGM 31M is one of the only batteries in the world that can deliver the ultra high performance that this attempt requires.


Rick Vesco and his Vesco Racing Team have built a custom 4400 horsepower @ 16500 rpm internal combustion engine, with a 4-wheel-drive system. NorthStar Battery wishes them a fast and safe run out there!

Bassmaster Elite Rick Morris on fire thanks to NorthStar Battery

After 20 years of competing in Bassmaster tournaments, Rick Morris is still in great form thanks to the NorthStar AGM 31M Battery onboard his boat. After four events of the 2013 season Rick is 15th on the leaderboard, competing against 100 of the world’s best fishermen.


“NorthStar Battery has made a huge difference for me,” he says. “This is my second season using this battery and it’s just the best. My style of fishing is quite aggressive, I work hard out there, so I need a battery that I can rely on."


"At the last event we had to travel about an hour and a half across salt water to get to the fresh water, and then once I got there I probably covered 5 miles of beach, fishing as fast as I could. This battery helps me cover a lot of water, and then do it again the next day.”


Rick has been catching some big fish this season, like the 9 lbs 11 oz monster he caught at the Sabine River Challenge in Orange, Texas. But conditions on the water can often make it difficult.


“In Texas I was fishing off a hump and it was very windy. I had to use 3/4 throttle just to hold my position on the water. I was there for quite a while, and without a NorthStar Battery I couldn’t have done that.”


Rick has a tough season ahead of him, but thanks to NorthStar Battery he will be one to beat.

NorthStar powers record-breaking voyage from New York to San Francisco

Italian sailing veteran Giovanni Soldini has smashed the record for fastest voyage between New York and San Francisco, via Cape Horn, with the help of NorthStar Battery. Soldini made the journey of 13,225 miles (21,332 km) in only 47 days, 42 minutes and 29 seconds. The previous record was 57 days, 3 hours and 3 minutes, set in 1998 by Frenchman Yves Parlier.


His boat, the Maserati, carried six NorthStar NSB 100FT batteries to run the vital power systems and navigation equipment onboard. The batteries were supplied to Soldini through NorthStar’s Italian distributor, HESA. Soldini says he chose NorthStar batteries because they deliver exactly what he needs.


“I chose NorthStar Batteries for their characteristics of high cycling and superior fast recharge performance. Completely sealed and possible to install in any position without any acid leakage, these batteries proved to be reliable even in extreme temperatures and are perfect for sailing needs.”


Soldini says one major benefit of using NorthStar batteries was the fuel savings. “The energy issue has always been important to me, above all on the occasion of this very challenging record. The contribution of NorthStar batteries provided by HESA was decisive because of their fast recharge by solar panels and allowed us to halve fuel consumption. We carried only 250 liters of fuel instead of 500. Also, thanks to these batteries, during sunny days we have been completely independent.”


But rather than stopping to rest and enjoy his amazing achievement, Soldini is planning his next record attempt – sailing from San Francisco to Hawaii. Thanks to NorthStar Battery, he is bound to succeed again.

Hart and Huntington push NorthStar Batteries on the track

A new season of brutal off-road racing is under way, and no matter what punishment the Hart and Huntington drivers put the truck through, their NorthStar Battery keeps on performing. The opening weekend of the 2013 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series provided the Arizona fans with great memories of terrific racing, fast action and a few scary moments.


Hart and Huntington Off Road survived the season kickoff, battling through multiple hardships and a violent crash, yet the team persevered and went on to collect a PRO-2 Fast Lap Award. In the final race of the weekend, Rob Naughton pushed the throttle wide open to a top speed over 93 MPH and a lap time of 42.465; speeds and time that is typically only seen in the PRO-4 Unlimited Division.


You can see just what kind of punishment they put the batteries through on our YouTube channel.

NorthStar automotive batteries outperform the competition in ‘torture tests’

NorthStar Ultra High Performance Batteries proved to be the best of the best after outperforming the competition through two brutal ‘torture tests’. The ‘Winch’ and ‘Boombox’ tests were conducted by JP Magazine for their March 2013 issue, using Group 34 size batteries from all of the top manufacturers.

In the ‘Winch’ test, the NorthStar G34M Battery pulled a jeep weighing 6,500 lbs a distance of 471 ft. That’s almost 100 ft further than the closest competitor battery, made by Odyssey, which could only manage 382 ft. The Die Hard Platinum managed 352 ft and the Optima Yellow 307 ft. In the ‘Boombox’ test, the NorthStar Battery had enough power to run a custom-made 40 amp sound and lighting system for an impressive 95 minutes. Again, the Odyssey could only last 92 min, the Optima 84 min and the Die Hard Platinum 81 min.

So if you need to winch yourself out of trouble or run a killer sound system, then NorthStar is clearly the best choice.

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