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NorthStar awarded prestigious innovation award for IoT solution

 NorthStar has been awarded the Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz innovation award by Battery Council International for the IoT solution NorthStar ACE™. The solution connects batteries to the cloud. The Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz Innovation award is an annual award and established in honor of Sally’s lifelong striving to encourage and drive innovation.

NorthStar ACE™ is a solution combining Bluetooth communication with an Internet of Things (IoT) concept. The batteries are equipped with a sensor, continuously measuring battery data. The sensor streams the data to a Cloud service, through which a user retrieves information and gets installation guidance on site.

With NorthStar ACE™, savings in operational costs from warehouse to recycling could in certain cases exceed actual battery cost. The biggest potential saving comes from better replacement planning, where each battery can operate up to 40 percent longer if replacement is based on actual battery health rather than a fixed schedule. Other signficiant savings come from correct installation and easy identification of unhealthy batteries.

The ACE innovation is the second to be honored by the award, which was established following the tragic death of Sally, the former CEO and vice chairman of East Penn manufacturing in 2014.

“Sally believed innovation was a vital part of moving both technology and customer satisfaction forward. The award for ACE innovation is the result of a focused team effort, where our battery design experts have co operated with our creative application engineers to come up with a solution that allows our battery technology to add so much more value than just energy to the customer”, says NorthStar’s CEO Hans Lidén.

The importance of NorthStar ACE™ is significant as there are between 2-3 billion smartphone users in the world, connected through an estimate of 3.3 million telecom towers. About one third of these are in remote areas and the need for reliable reserve power in battery based energy storage grows.

In total, NorthStar estimates that better energy management could potentially save up to 700 million USD per year just by making better and more efficient use of their batteries in primarily remote sites. In addition, continuous monitoring improves site stability with reduced outage time.


For more information, please contact:

Hans Lidén, CEO NorthStar, tel: +46 70 417 85 09, e-mail: hans.liden@nsb.email

Per Werin, CMO NorthStar, tel: +46 72 214 62 00, e-mail: per.werin@nsb.email

John Semeniuk, President Transportation Products, NorthStar, tel: +1 417-575-8261, e-mail: john.semeniuk@northstarbattery.com