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Stay in control with NorthStar ACE®

Award-winning NorthStar ACE® is a solution to wirelessly monitor NorthStar batteries using Bluetooth communication

With NorthStar Advanced Connected Energy – NorthStar ACE®– users can retrieve real time and historical performance data wirelessly. All NorthStar ACE® batteries include a factory embedded sensor, allowing you to improve your battery efficiency at every stage of the process: from warehousing, through installation and operation, to battery replacement. 

Embedded sensor chip

  • Designed to monitor the battery from cradle to grave in an energy efficient way
  • The sensor is sealed in epoxy inside the battery during battery production
  • Each battery has a unique serial number which eases asset management


Wireless communication

  • Easily access battery information using a smartphone (or tablet) app
  • The sensor uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to wirelessly communicate
  • Users can immediately start to communicate with the batteries, without even having to unpack them



Measures Voltage & Temperature

  • Embedded sensor with the ability to measure voltage and temperature
  • Removes the need for external monitoring devices or costly wiring add-on installations
  • To conserve energy the battery only communicates when spoken to


Stores battery information over time

  • The sensor will store key parameters that affect battery performance throughout the battery lifetime
  • The gathered information can then be analyzed for future optimization
  • Logging is done automatically without any required user interaction

Award winning technology

NorthStar was awarded the Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz Innovation Award 2017 by Battery Council International for NorthStar ACE®. The Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz Innovation award is an annual award and established in honor of Sally’s lifelong striving to encourage and drive innovation.

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NorthStar ACE® for Transportation

NorthStar ACE has been adopted by Daimler, one of the world’s leading truck manufacturers, where Ultra Pure Lead AGM NorthStar batteries and the ACE solution are the prime choice for their trucks in North America and Europe. Read more about the collaboration here. 

NorthStar ACE® allows you to proactively monitor the batteries’ state of charge and health, preventing unnecessary battery failure and maximizing performance.

Provides you with everything you need to know about your batteries, offering great value to end-users, fleet managers, and vehicle manufacturers.

NorthStar ACE® batteries are equipped with an integrated chip with a sensor using BLE connection. The batteries communicate with the NorthStar ACE® App enabling you to track the battery environment from day 1, providing valuable feedback to drivers and manufacturers.

NorthStar ACE® for Reserve Power

NorthStar ACE® will improve your efficiency at every stage of the battery life cycle: from warehousing, through installation and operation, to battery replacement. By providing customers with more control over their batteries, NorthStar believes it is possible to significantly increase the battery life. 

The embedded sensor in each ACE battery allows the user to retrieve real time and historical performance data wirelessly from the batteries. As the sensor is installed during manufacturing, there is no need to manually attach a monitoring solution to each battery, saving both time and cost. 

Local access is provided through the use of the smartphone / tablet app and remote access and integration can be solved by using our Software Development Kit

Even the most skilled technician can forget vital steps when installing batteries which is why NorhtStar developed the step-by-step installation support for our customers. Each step is detailed in the smartphone app ensuring technicians install batteries in a streamlined and conformed way. At the end of the installation guide, the app will automatically generate a report that can be shared with supervisors or co-workers through emails or messaging apps.

Furthermore, each battery has a unique serial number enabling customers to see which battery has been installed on which site, making asset management more simplified and efficient. 

Energy storage management at every stage of the battery life cycle

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