Reserve power you can always rely on.

No matter what kind of site you're running, NorthStar has the ideal backup power solution to suit your needs.

When we started out in 2000, we knew that the key to success was to give people exactly what they wanted. People want batteries and power solutions that they can depend on, even in the most extreme conditions. They also want an environmentally responsible option. It wasn't enough to build a good battery - we wanted to build the best. And to do it in a way that changed the industry's impact on the environment forever. This is our legacy. 

"It wasn't enough to build a good battery - we wanted to build the best."

With our vast experience we knew we could exceed expectations. Over the past 16 years we've developed a unique range of products with electrochemistry customized to deliver high performance in a variety of conditions. Our batteries last longer, to cut operating costs and reduce waste. They recharge faster, to prevent downtime and limit the need for diesel-guzzling backup generators. Their innovative design delivers superior energy density and also means 95% of each battery can be recycled into a new one.

The journey isn't over yet: we're always innovating and improving our products based on customer feedback and industry demand. But we'll never compromize on quality or environmental responsibility. If you need the best backup solution, you need NorthStar.

New Energy Storage Systems Project with City Utilities of Springfield 

Below is a video showcasing our new Energy Storage Systems project that NorthStar are doing with City Utilities of Springfield. We are together exploring innovative storage solutions for renewable energy and in this video you can see how our NorthStar thin plate lead carbon (TPLC) batteries will provide Springfield with a more efficient and sustainable energy supply.

Why choose NorthStar?

  • Lower environmental impact

  • Lower operating costs

  • Longer product life

  • Higher power density

  • Fewer battery replacements